Sunday, January 13, 2008


Ever wonder about the music being played in shops, clubs, bars, fashion hotels, restaurants?

Well wonder no more...

"Awdio™ revolutionizes the way you listen to music! Real Time Music!

What everyone can get now in one weekend is what music addicts would get in a year, touring around world’s best Live music sources… Straight from the sound systems of the most respected clubs, venues, hotels, shops, studios & festivals… from Electronic Music to Hip Hop, from new Jazz scenes to alternative Rock, from Lounge sessions to the most underground Dj sets, wherever you are, whatever you like, Awdio™ provides pure Live music.

From San Francisco to Melbourne, New York to Paris, Sao Paulo to Hong Kong, Awdio™ is streaming 24/7 real time music content, from and on worldwide time zones.

Coming from all over the world, many friends and partners have been thinking about the idea behind Awdio™ for a long time. After having idly considered all the changes and opportunities that this project implies, they finally decided to make it real. Thanks to the help of many friends such as Labels, Artists (Bands and Djs), Music Media visionaries, Designers, Sound Designers, Music Programmers, Artistic directors, Developers and Sound Engineers, Awdio™ vision is now ready for a worldwide public enjoyment. Join us on this awesome journey to deliver next-generation music, wherever you are... Play the world."

taken from
Awdio Press Kit released July 2007

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