Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Benefit Beats 004 out on Promo: Crisis Loan - Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My (VIP Mix)

Benefit Beats 004: Crisis Loan - Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My (VIP Mix) Social Security out on Promo now

Crisis Loan of Social Security fame unleashes a massive VIP mix of Lions, Tigers & Bears, Oh My on Benefit Beats

Haven't heard of Social Security?
You ask:
Who are they?
Where did they come from?
Can they help me fill in
Seekers Allowance claim form?

You soon will!!!!

Social Security is the musical meeting of minds of two Muhammed Ali Latif (also known as Child Support) and Inzabaat Ali
(otherwise known as Crisis Loan). That’s the ‘who are they?’ They grew up in the ghettos of Tottenham and stick close to their
roots which covers the ‘where did they come from?’ and as for ‘can me fill in my JSA claim form?’… leave it out mate, you need to be a physicist to work those things out!

Crisis Loan and Child Support started off their musical journey at an both inspired and influenced by music from all over the world. Artists Mukesh, Mohammed Rafi, Sade, Michael Jackson, Al Martino, Tony styles of music ranging from Classical Asian Kawali to Rare Groove, Rock to Indie and Jazz and Blues found their way into their lives and
create and share their own musical vision was born.

Child Support kicked off his career under the guise ‘Zoobie MC’ over the sets of Nicky Black Market, A-sides, London Electricity, High Fabio, and Asian producer Talvin Singh. Meanwhile Crisis Loan had up his hard earned pennies to buy a set of turntables and the lads their hand to DJing. Of course from there the natural progression their own music and in ’99 the brothers pooled their resources and themselves a studio PC and got cracking with Cuebase, Reason and other software they could get their hands on. With a veritable virtual sounds they soon got picked up by none other than the legendary Creative Source imprint and Social Security had their first of many releases.

Following on from that impressive start Social Security now have Hospital sub-label MASH, DOA’s Under Construction, Formation, Structure, Exceptional, Diagram and Jungle legends Congo Natty collective belt. Not that they’re resting on their laurels, with their Benefit Beats already onto its third release and more planned on the way than you can shake a sonic stick at, Social Security are at the top of their game.

Both Crisis Loan and Child Support class themselves as “21st Century Producers” and strive to create all kinds of beats, everything from Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop and R&B to Bhangra and Eastern Drum & Breaks, that serves them well, bringing diversity and fresh flavours with production.

“Social Security are producers for the people, we make the dance floor and ignore the politics that are an ever
virus in our beautiful scene.” - Crisis Loan 2006

“The future for Social Security is you. As long as you exist we exist. As long as you love our music we will continue to make it for you. That is why we set up our aptly titled label. It’s all about the people benefiting from our beats.”
- Child Support 2006

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