Thursday, April 17, 2008

BIOS Breakbeat I/O System - FREE Mix

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Release (Breakbeat Science, BIOS, Fokuz, Chicago)

BIOS Studio April Mix

Chicagos up & coming star Release steps up with this new BIOS mix right in time for the start of Spring - check out this nice, bubbling mix... enjoy!

Introduced to electronic/dance music in the late 90s through the soulful sounds of Chicago House, dj release (Michael Velez to some, Ike to most) spent the early days of his career collecting and recording mixtapes by US rave scene innovators like Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Miles Maeda, Paul Johnson, among others. It wasn’t until he came across classic mixtapes by Chicago jungle pioneers Phantom 45, Casper, and Danny the Wildchild that he fully identified with electronic music through the ever-evolving, futuristic sounds of hi-speed breakbeats.

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Dan Marshall – Crazy (Zero Tolerance RMX) – BIOS
Brother – Blue Notes – Industry
Nu:Tone – Mrs. Jones – Hospital
Spectrasoul – Seeing Stars – Nu Directions
Zero Tolerance – Goes Around – Shogun Audio
Random Movement – Believe No Other – Westbay International
Switch – Lovechat – SGN:LTD
Submorphics – Rejected – Dub
Alix Perez – Stray – Shogun
Zero Tolerance & Mosus – Call Waiting (feat. Steo) – Liquid V
Lynx & Nu:Tone – East To West – Brand:Nu
Mixmaster Doc & Dan Marshall – Exodus – Forthcoming BIOS
Spectrasoul – Falling Down – Nu Directions

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