Thursday, April 10, 2008

Twisted Individual in San Diego Tonight (Thursday April 10th)

Thursday April 10, 2008


special 2 hour b2b set by:
Soulidify b2b Phrenik
(dnbtv. com, peer pressure rec, sd)

resident talent
(Allen & Heath, Heat)
mc Ridda
(TSTV, Bass Dynasty)

coming MAY 15th
Wallkrawlers BDAY/Stateside Pre Party

@ U31 Cocktail Bar & Lounge
3112 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104


Towards the end of 2001, and the start of 2002 something very exciting was happening in the world of drum and bass. For one man, years of hard work in the studio where finally beginning to get the recognition they deserved, and a fresh exciting sound was gradually filtering into sets of all the top flight DJs. One man and one album was about to, as one veteran put it, “change the game”.

Twisted signed to Formation Records back in 1998, and for his debut produced ‘Wales’, the biggest track on the now legendary “World of Drum and Bass” album. For years he sat back perfecting his roll, waiting his turn as deep, dark, industrial sounds dominated all the big raves. Early tracks such as ‘Boom Shanx bw/ Robitix’ on 5HQ, ‘Nail Bomb’ and the now much sought after ‘Twisted Indivudaltron EP’ featuring ‘Sick Bag’ and ‘Crankshaft’ however caught the ears of some of the top dogs, finding their way into the boxes of Grooverdier, Shy FX, Ed Rush and Optical amongst others.

Having released a few tracks on other labels, Twisted decided it was time to start his own label as a side project to work he was doing on Formation. Around the start of 2000 he set up Grid Recordings, bringing in his old friend from the pirate station Shadow FM, Zen for the first release. Releases from himself, Rayner, Accidental Heroes and a then unknown DJ Hazard followed over the next couple of years.

Seeing that he was onto a good thing with his new apprentice in 2001 DJ SS entrusted the seminal ‘Lighter’ into the hands of the Twisted one to see if he could bring it up to date. Whilst working on his debut album he pieced together two of the biggest tunes of that year in the form if his ‘Lighter remix’ and the ‘F-Word’. The next move Twisted made was one not even the best marketing man could dream up. Whilst most opted for the standard sultry D&B look for their photo shoots Twisted had the bright idea of crashing into a field of sheep, in a wheel chair, wearing a gimp mask and a straight jacket. The ‘Tooled Up!’ LP had arrived.

Proving that he could mix the rough with smooth the ‘Tooled Up!’ LP on Formation Records showcased the Twisted sound - from the off beat tribal rhythms of ‘Gimp Mask’ (still championed by DJ Marky to this day), the smooth liquid of ‘Dafodills’, the Full Cyclist ‘Crap Rinse Out’, along with Groooveriders favourite, the sub heavy ‘Gusset Gravy’ Twisted had crafted an album that would get heads talking, and the crowds jumping.

Following the success of ‘Tooled Up!’, Twisted found himself in the spotlight, as remix offers and DJ bookings began to flood in. In the months before and after Tooled Up dropped, Twisted reworked J Majik's ‘Tell Me’, Jaydee’s ‘Plastic Dreams’, Benny Blanco's ‘Remember Me’, DJ SS’s ‘Rollidge’ all to spectacular effect, with his re-lick of Simon Bassline Smth's ‘Junglist’ even finding it’s way into the Top 75.

Having been the DJ before he was the producer, playing on Shadow FM, Ruud Awakening and other pirate stations in London before his move to Leicester, Twisted was now able to showcase his skills on the decks all around the world. Picking up regular plays at all the major UK promotions including Slammin Vinyl, One Nation, Telepathy, Best of British, United Dance, Accelerated Culture, as well as residencies at all the Formation and World of Drum & Bass nights all over the World, Twisted is now an exclusive member of the top flight of D&B DJs. Always armed with a bag of fresh dubs to unleash on the crowds, his explosive partnership with MC Biggie has smashed many venues over the past few years. In this time Twisted has also been fortunate enough to have his travels take him all over the world, notching up stamps in his passport and champion hangovers everywhere from Germany to Estonia, USA to Australia, Spain to Brazil and pretty much everywhere else in-between.

As with any popular style of music, when something is successful, the masses will follow, and soon the Twisted clones started to fill the shelves of all the record shops. Not a man known for his restraint, in 2003 Twisted got back in the dungeon and cooked up a message to all those he felt were ripping his sound. ‘Bandwagon Blues’ exploded onto the scene and instantly became an anthem with rewind after rewind ensuring this was a front runner in every DJs set. Off the back of his previous success and other tracks such as ‘Rusty Sherrif's Badge’, ‘Heavy Metal’, and ‘Hand Grenade (feat APB)’ Twisted found himself up for 3 categories at the 2003 Accelerated Culture Awards. Much to his disappointment his hectic touring schedule meant that he couldn’t make it on the event, but MC Biggie stepped up on the night to receive his awards not only for Best Tune for ‘Bandwagon Blues’, but also Best Producer of 2003.

Since then Twisted has not stopped. 2004 was filled with tours and DJ bookings that took up the majority of his time. As a result of this his output from the studio quietened down as he spread the Twisted sound around the world, gaining new fans in every city. He still found time for releases on Formation, New Identity, Reformed though, including his collaboration with DJ SS and MC Skibadee on ‘Deal with the Matter’, and his remix of DJ SS’s ‘Like a Bird’. Tracks also appeared on his own Grid and Zombie imprints as well as remixes for TOV, Architecture, and his massive ‘World of Music’ re-lick on Back to Basics amongst others.

In 2005 Twisted’s focus began to turn towards his own baby, Grid Recordings. Over the previous two years the label had been clocking up some tasty releases from the likes of Total Science, Baron, Zen, Influx Datum, Surge, Ron, Simon Bassline Smith as well, of course tracks from Twisted and Biggie. Alongside the newly set up Zombie Records, which was to cater strictly for the dancefloor, Twisted began getting his house in order. An album compilation set things going nicely and the ‘Hung, Drawn & Slaughtered’ project pulled in tracks from new faces on the block such as Heist, Nightwalker and Dirty Fingers alongside the usual suspects Total Science, JB & Spice, DJ SS as well as a number from XRS. This was as well as calling in Zen, Generation Dub and original veteran DJ Kane to step up on remix duties. A triple vinyl and double CD which featured MC Biggie were well received by fans and press and got the label moving in the right direction.

Having moved back down to London, Twisted is now turning all his attention to building Grid and Zombie, and with a new team behind him things are looking up for 2006. With fresh talent from close to home, and also the other side of the world to feature on the label, alongside the likes of DJ Marky and Clipz who are also soon to feature, the Grid camp are stepping up a gear. Whilst still hitting the road on a regular basis Dj’ing up and down the UK and abroad, Twisted is also now back in the studio, with fresh enthusiasm and fresh goals.

Still able to conjure up those crazy names to compliment those crazy b-lines, you know when you tune in your radio and hear names like ‘Swan Cake’, ‘Bog Monster’ and ‘Magnum Juice’, there is only one Individual behind them – Twisted Individual

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