Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the DEEP end aka.. the last DEEP

For nearly 8 Years (7 years and 10 months to be exact) Deep in San Diego has been a staple of Southern California Drum and Bass. Deep has been the first to break many deejays, tracks and careers. Without deep many of the acts we have seen would not have been possible. So many friends, so many sounds, and too many memories will be lost.

After this Thursday many of those who religiously got their fix of drum and bass, socializing and relief from life’s pressures will no longer have a place to call home.

First and foremost... I want to thank Kris, Syndo and Sklyer for bringing me on board. w/ out your offer, i would not have had such an amazing opportunity to meet and play w/ some of the nicest and genuine people (especially all of my so cal fam). Delano, Ridda and Jason, thanks for your involvement!!

second thanks to all of so cal for their love and support!!! w/ out the attendees and talent that rolled through we wouldnt have been shit! I won't make a list in fear of forgetting anyone...

third DEEP is ending for no other reason than the fact that Kris and myself feel it's time to move on... we had an awesome (close to) 8 year run and have brought out alot of the djs and producers we looked upto.

so with that said, we look forward to doing it one last time!!! Come down witness the Stateside Pre-party, Say HAPPY BDAY to Wallkrawler and Farewell to DEEP!!!

lets go of the Deep END!

we love you so cal!
Eric "Probable Cause" Yoshitake

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