Friday, May 16, 2008

Whiskey Pete -Clean Jeans
Produced by True Pseudo

Whiskey Pete-Clean Jeans Produced by True Pseudo

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Flippin styles quicker than Tony Montana does keys, Whiskey Pete is here to rhythmically intoxicate your brain with flows that hit ya harder than a Sunday morning hang-over! A familiar face throughout the Southern California club scene, with recent performances in some of LA's hottest clubs (Key Club, Avalon, Crash Mansion, Cinespace, Vanguard, Larchmont) Pete is a multi-talented artist who is aware of what it means to be the MASTER of ceremonies! This kid can get straight buck and fully hype a packed house, and a moment later step back to let the music do the talking. This is what helps separate Pete from the ordinary, and one of the primary reasons he receives the kind of respect he does. With an already elevated status through his alias Re:Pete MC (a house-hold name in the Los Angeles Drum n Bass community) Pete has been blowin up clubs in almost every vein of music from electro to breaks to hiphop and is basicly leavin heads nodding and sweat dripin in the process. Pete is def an all around party rocker who knows how to get a crowd involved by giving off an energy that is contagious in his stage presence. And if that wasn't enough, he's logging studio hours with a multitude of upcoming So-Cal artists and producers. With album projects and mixes lined up and with an almost constant performance schedule pete is finding himself stirred up in this massive whirlwind of cross-genre craziness, Pete already has his ticket for the musical train that is seemingly carrying its way to the top of the electronica world, and from there...who knows?

Upcoming Gigs
June 7 2008-Tactics with True Pseudo, San Diego, California
June 14 2008- Sugarfoot with True Pseudo, Los Angeles
June 20 2008- Smash Quarterly with True Pseudo, Las Vegas, Nevada
August 15 2008-Fuckin Rad! with AC Slater, Seattle, Washington

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